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  It all starts with fire!

   fireplaces in rooms, rooms around fire.


   We’re masters in our craft!

   We're a design studio,

    We're determined to transform any concept

   into a pure architectural language.

   we're passionate to create designs 

   that reflect the lives, work

  and personality of the people living in it.

  We're a full service company, meaning; 

  we design, deliver, install and maintain the fireplaces.

   Room for fire studio and showroom is based in Amstelveen @
 Co van der Horst | Boutique concept store
roomforfire grid perspective
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shou sugi ban fireplace open bio ethanol deigned by room for fire
interior design kitchen plan by room for fire, wall&deco wallpaper orange white black
drak oak fire place, cinewall, interior design
belgian hard ston glass encased fireplace
State amsterdam grey white photo perspective
elegant oval fireplace with a marble finishing
design panelling | stuc | visual | luxury
roomforfire location

         Binderij 2

1185 ZJ Amstelveen 

room for fire telefoonnummer | phone number

+31 20 647 65 47