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molteni dada flagshipstore amsterdam

molteni & c | dada flagship store
zuidas I Amsterdam

in the heart of the 'zuidas', also known as the financial district of amsterdam, stands an exquisite building called 'the valley'. a building designed by the well-renowned 'mvrdv' architects.

an exquisite flagship store of the molteni & c | dada brand is housed within those walls. their showroom, designed by vincent van duysen architects was complemented with two fireplaces designed by roomforfire. 


on te ground floor of the building you'll find a refined preview of a large living room.

at the center of this area a fireplace wall is taking stage, stretching across the height and the width of the space. 

in this wall we've displayed a unique holographic electrical fireplace with a made-to-measure frame. 

the experience continues on the 26th floor, a magnificent penthouse with floor to ceiling windows looking out over amsterdam. we designed the fireplace in line with the interior wall. the opening allows you to still glimpse at the skyline of amsterdam. we chose to display a closed bio-ethanol fireplace, these fireplaces are more environmentally friendly. 


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