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Villa black

| 't Gooi

A modern look within a rural environment 

We got the pleasure to create a statement of a fireplace within the interior project of André Lammertsma of Co van der Horst. 


The striking wooden structure of the building creates an interplay between interior and exterior worlds. The walls within the architecture divide the open lay out in different areas, the fireplace wall defines the living area where two focus points come together in one design.

One glance at the fireplace wall creates awareness of the structure  and the lay out of the floorpan. 

The architecture of the building was leading in our thought stream to the end result . 

The fireplace wall is like a box within a box. The fireplace creates a focal point in the center off the wall.The strong black metal encasing encrusted with a burned nero assoluto granite stone, a jewel complementing to the natural palette. 


A bold but refined piece emerges from the wall, it houses the television and the fireplace.

A wood burning fireplace brings back our primal nature in this home. The rustic feel of a crisping fire combined with the scent of burning wood always triggers our senses. 

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