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wood fireplace | blue steel | alphenberg leather

dutch oasis
| ouderkerk aan de amstel 

The design of this villa was a collaboration between us and the design team of co van der horst, consisting of cynthia de graaf and denise galjaard.

we got the pleasure to contribute the designs of three different fireplaces within this project.  

in the living we constructed a fireplace wall around a woodburning fire. constructed from blue'ed steel slats enframing the television and leather planes. an interplay of depth and materialisation.


the story continuous outside starting with the poolhouse, in this poolhouse we designed the interior and complemented it with a fireplace that's one with the architecture, the calce naturale stucco almost makes it look like the fireplace protrudes from the wall. 

we also designed a variant of this fireplace in the guesthouse, completing the warm and cozy interior therein. 


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