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fireplace design

rijks | museumkwartier | Amsterdam 

a duo of bespoke fireplaces

We got the pleasure to design two beautiful fireplaces within a project of Kees Bosch from Co van der Horst. 

The living room is complemented by a blue steel niche embedded in the wall. the transparent smoked glass hood gives a great view to the fire from any angle. The glass mirrors the view outside, creating an extra dimension.

The linear gas fireplace is sunken in the with leather upholstered plateau, stretching out through the niche. The shelving next to the glass hood makes a great place to display your beloved art objects, like the Delft blue vases from Moooi presented here. 

The vases give a subtle hint to the neighboring area, the well-known museumplein. 

An area of culture and heritage, the place where the famous rijksmuseum stands. 

In the rijksmuseum you can also find a large collection of Delft blue pottery. 

In the dining room we placed an open two-sided fireplace within a cut out of the wall. 

The open design allows the light to flow freely and creates a view to the other side of the space. The blue steel encasing gives body to the slender design of the fireplace. 

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