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Dis studio project
I blaricum

''Very often you could find both of our companies already working on the same projects, creating and realize our profound ideas. Collaborating and creating was inevitable, this resulted in displaying the beautiful, architectural brand Metalfire at the wonderful Dis studio in Amsterdam.''


in close collaboration with dis studio, we designed two fireplaces emphasizing and completing the interior. 


The whole design is merged with its environment, the pietra grey marble floor later forms the plateau base of the fire place.The blue steel panels transform in shelves and stretch across the entire height off the wall. 

In this design ewald incorporated a bespoke backplate consisting of metal rods welded together by hand. The niche alongside the entire wall, making place for a for the fireplace and a large stack of wood.

the striking palette of materials and textures.. 


In the design of the outdoor kitchen we incorporated a woodburning fireplace. 

thr nichr is laid in with a solid piece of pietra marble, which is also th

The fireplace as a centerpiece for the seating area, binding the whole together.

The design shares a linkage with the design indoors.

along the length of the wall stretches a solid beam of pietra grey marble.  


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