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dynamisch ontwerp, openhaard, fireplace, gesloten gashaard

Dynamic shades   

Westeinderplas I Kudelstaart

The creation of an architectonic object that holds value within its environment.

We believe a design works when it's ticking the right boxes. 

The dynamic design with open and closed units, makes one curious.

Throughout the length of the object there can be a variety of cabinets and niches discovered. 

The fireplace as a centerpiece that can be seen from multiple perspectives within the space. The different elements merge all together as one beautifully and make it a true sight to behold.

We were pleased to create such an interesting object for our client. We tailored the design of the different walls to our clients needs and wishes.

The characteristic blue steel planes and elements create a subtle contrast with the glossy white panels. The layered palette of the colors and materials is well balanced. To make the design whole, we complemented the interior with a unique sofa and a matching lovely carpet. 


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