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dark oak fireplace wall

Dark oak

Apollobuurt  |   Amsterdam


A lovely home within a historic neighborhood in Amsterdam. The spacious lay-out of the streets create a sense of luxury within a crowded city. The classic touches of the neighborhood resonate throughout the interior. 

A utilitarian perspective laid the basis for an architectural wall that stretches across the length of the room. Elements like the television, storagespace and the fireplace are combined within one interior piece. This creates a more sophisticated and functional living space. 

The niche next to the two-sided glass encased fireplace becomes showcase for your most beloved objects. Especially when the fire is burning, the warm glow will stretch throughout the niche and will illuminate your objects in a subtle way. 

The bedroom and bathroom are connected through a fireplace within the wall that separates the two spaces. The fireplace is see through which establishes a connection between the two spaces. It is the perfect solution to be able to enjoy the fireplace in multiple spaces. 

To enjoy a fireplace next to your bath is great, but being able to experience the same feeling in your bedroom at the same time is the ultimate bliss.

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