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at this project we installed a series of bespoke fireplaces, each tailored to its own environment.


the fireplace in the living room shares a resemblance with the outdoor version. the curvature of the wall sets the design free of the architecture while the cutouts and lines are visually connected to the surroundings. 

the two sided fireplace separates and connects the living and dining. 

multifunctional unique 


in the outdoor area we placed a woodburning fireplace with a refined posture and rugged materials.

nothing gets closer to nature than a woodburning fireplace. getting in touch with nature by building a fire with your bare hands and getting to enjoy your own creation.  


the rugged corten steel shell contrasting with the refined paneling, sure makes it a jewel within your garden.

 within a cut out of the floor resides the fireplace, visually connected through the grid of the tiling laid out in the garden.


the outdoor space is complemented by the warm glow of the corten steel paneling on the fireplace.


in the midst of the summer, an outdoor fireplace is great for stretching out those lovely summer nights.

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