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timeless architecture
| Amstelveen

Brand Identity

a project by co van der horst 


the fireplace was used as a room divider shaping the way we perceive the living room and move through it. the placement within the architectural lines makes it more soothing and easier to the eye.

this sofa, a classical design piece is stil manufactured today by flexform. The timeless design of antonio citterio, grandfather of modern italian design, is named the groundpiece. 

a piece that breathes the spirit of modern design but with an italian nonchalance.  

connecting the elements, the architectonic lines are part of the interplay between the sections and dimensions of the sofa and the fireplace. 

complemented with an open boley gas fireplace embedded within a leather upholstered plateau. 

The look and feel of the space are focussed on a natural character within a modern space. The colors used make it feel more warm and tend to focus the attention on the fireplace. 

The light tones within the space balance out with the dark leather base of the fireplace. 

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